Getting Down & Dirty With Pop-Culture

Goodness, my last post was so darn serious. Don’t worry, my sweet little blog-reading chiclets, I won’t tax your minds like that again for a while. I’ll try to whip up some tasty little laughs to lower your blood pressure, reduce your chances of heart attacks and strokes, increase your intelligence, and even improve your capabilities to retain and process information (yeah, some people think laughter does all those things! That shit cray!).

Anyways. This week I received the loveliest of compliments from two of my fellow bloggers, Courtney at Millennial Memories and J.D. at Bloggcerto. They created a dialogue with my posts on their own blogs. Besides finally having proof that someone is finally taking my indubitably insightful observations to heart, the neatest thing was how they took a thought or idea of mine and expanded it to a whole new level.

Although I am always in the mood to laugh so hard I am driven to drop to the floor and roll down the halls of The Stamp, I truly enjoy intelligent conversation. And despite being at a university four days a week, I’m hard pressed to come by it  (Side note: this could also just be because I’m so introverted that I dream of becoming a hermit/crazy cat lady). Blogging is a wonderful way for people with diverse interests and viewpoints to create meaningful discussion while allowing anyone who cares to chime in, chime in! It gets me that intellectual fix I crave.

In my post, “I Vow To Never, Ever Take Reality Into Consideration,” I made the claim that chick flicks are such a successful genre because they are snapshots of female fantasy. Courtney took my point one step further:

 “Chick flicks somehow manage to tap into the inner minds of women. In fact,’Sleepless in Seattle’ completely plays into that as an important part of its plot. The main character, Annie, dreams of finding a love like the classic old-time chick flick movie, ‘An Affair to Remember.’ It’s a chick flick within a chick flick! Chick-flick-ception. I think people fell in love with this movie because it showed a woman aspiring to achieve that chick flick female fantasy, and then, of course, in true chick flick fashion, she totally did.”

I don’t have to break this down for you. “Chick-flick-ception” says it all. I already let Courtney know I’m officially stealing that phrase. I want to use it over and over and over and over and over and over and (one more) over again until Ezra-ception occurs. Ladies and Gents (it’s the best guys that fall for this media love madness), next time you watch a chick-flick (or any movie for that matter) pay attention to what is being taken for granted and what human desires are assumeed in order to validate the main story-line. It’s all about that media literacy. Cool kids every where doing it. If you don’t learn how to discern un-truths in your entertainment, you’ll just end up afraid and frazzled like this:

J.D. stepped up the AT40 analysis game while responding to my post, “Thank You For Your Magic Sex.”  What I loved about J.D.’s comments was that they formed a great complement to Courtney’s message. Check his musings:

“Likewise, there are songs like Ke$ha’s ‘We R Who We R’ which has at the very least given us a challenge to our grammar laws if not feeding us an intellectual conundrum of individuality vs group stereo types. I feel as if she simultaneously promotes individuality and defines the iconagraphy of the main stream culture by her participation in it (she’s taking back the mainstream and making it cool again. I know that may not seem to make sense but I feel its still whats happening.) I have just now attempted to perform a similar ‘intelectual’ discourse about this seemingly ‘un-intelectual’ song. “

Even the songs of pop-culture embodiment and beard lover Ke$ha can be understood in terms of art. When you take the time to understand why you do or do not like something, when you take the time to figure out why a song is catchy or why a movie is appealing, you will be able to appreciate it more. Courtney is still planning to go see Titanic in theaters, J.D. is gonna belt out “your love is my druugggg” as he drive through campus (actually I may be making that up; may the P.I.C. of blog truthiness have mercy on my domain), and I’m still gonna listen to AT40. The difference is, we are going get down and dirty with our entertainment, and our enjoyment will be the richer for it.

And now, if you’ve made it this far (and I highly doubt you have; I mean seriously when is the last time you actually read anything that didn’t have pictures under it?), I’ll reward you with a completely unrelated, but happy-making string-section-of-the-orchestra-nerd meme.  If you want to prove to me that you actually did make it this far, leave a comment praising me, hating on me, or just letting me know you like my glasses.


8 thoughts on “Getting Down & Dirty With Pop-Culture

  1. I am glad the three of us sparked such an intelligent conversation. I’d love to do another response, but that would probably end up being “blogception”

    I seem to have a terrible habit of ending “ception” to things.

  2. Kind of random but relevant to pop culture: the top song the day I was born was Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now). What. Up. Also, I’m a huge fan of this concept of Chick-flick-ception

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