You May Now Refer To Me As Oprah

Because I’m going to share some of my favorite things with you. I know you can’t get enough of me going on and on and on and on (and on)  in such an intelligent, thought provoking, history-of-thinking-rocking way, but even this huge blonde brain needs a break now and then. And since I just (twenty minutes ago for my stalkers) got back home after seeing Shen Yun at the Kennedy Center and have gotten my culture fix for the week, I thought I would let you in on some of my current Youtube obsessions. Also, I really want to be more like the magnificent Dakota Logan who shares wonderful things all the time.


Amazing Australian remixes movies into songs then starts remixing cities around the world. I am in love.

ViHart: Mathmusician

This girl of wonders transformed me from getting queasy at the sound of math to understanding why everyone who likes to think and observe the world should be cuckoo for the quadratic equation! (Actually, I still hate the quadratic, it just sounded good after cuckoo. Just so we’re all being honest.)

Julian Smith

After what, in my opinion, was a discouraging streak of boring videos from this viral king, his newest video makes me want to eat Randy. If you don’t know this Prince of Pointless Vids, then you should def start with this video. Warning: Eat Randy is unbelievably catchy. It WILL get stuck in your head.

A Bande Main Bonita da Cidade (The Most Beautiful Band in the City

This quirky Brazillian band went viral among Portuguese speakers, and now you enjoy them too.

Blimey Cow: Messy Mondays

Jordan and I would get along so well. Condescending, insightful, great hair. This video deeply resonates with me because I have a “friend” *cough, cough* who was homeschooled.

Well, hope I helped you procrastinate this fine school night. If you liked my impromptu collection, rate this post (at the top) and share your favey fave mcfaves in the comment section. If I like what you post, I’ll let you tell people we are friends.


3 thoughts on “You May Now Refer To Me As Oprah

  1. Always good to get a weekly fix of culture. I’m not exactly procrastinating late at night, but I’m clearly killing time at The Writing Center. Seven Lies about homeschoolers sounds intriguing . I will be sure to check it out when I’m done telling people how to properly use commas.

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