My Post- College Class Schedule

I’m coming to you live from the front lines of my last round of final papers and final exams. Assignments and grades are flying past my head. I almost had my ear blown off by a stray D+ in a beginner level dance class credit- stuffer. D+….in dance class. Isn’t that lovely? So lovely.

 In order to motivate myself through the next week, I’m going to fantasize about all the wonderful things I’m going to learn after I graduate from college on Monday. Prepare for greatness:

1) Get some mad banjo skills: My dad owns a banjo that he rarely plays. It’s been in our house since I was born. At some point in time, he opened it up and put a rag inside the head so “it would sound more like a hillbilly banjo” (that’s my dad for you). This banjo has obviously seen more of the world than most people. The battered case has stickers from all over the world (in at least several languages) including my favorite: a marijuana leaf with an prohibited symbol and the words “Halte la drouge!”  When I moved out last year, I “borrowed” it, and I am determined to use it to channel my Tennessee Blue Ridge Mountain roots . I’d also like to keep growing my fiddling skills.

2) Learn more about computer science and web design. It seems to me that being computer literate will be a more and more useful skill as the years go on.

3) Dance whenever presented with the opportunity. Like this guy ↓. I may be in love with him.

Master French: I can read basic and understand basic French, but I want to be fluent so I can freely ramble the French countryside and read The Elegance of the Hedgehog (my favorite novel)  in it’s original language.

4) Write every day: Journaling, observations, poetry, prose, whatever. I’m an introvert, and the act of putting pen to paper is really useful for sorting out my indubitably insightful thoughts and theories.

5) Novel November (National Novel Writing Month): Just what it sounds like. People around the world try to write a novel (50,000) in a month. I don’t expect to turn out the next 1985, but I think it will be a great creative exercise. I have never even considered it in the past because I’m so unmotivated to write and even less motivated to finish projects. But this blog has taught me so much about my own writing process, and I think I’m ready to give it a shot.

To you have a hobby to do list? How do you keep yourself active and learning new things instead of falling into the abyss of complacency? Get jiggy with the comment box. 


14 thoughts on “My Post- College Class Schedule

  1. Allow me to add one more word of encouragement in your banjo education; If anyone says anything remotely hillbilly to you, you can whip that banjo around and with a few strums you’ll look like a genius.

  2. I hope you’re able to tackle all of these things (especially NaNaWriMo – it’s a cruel mistress, I hear). But congratulations on (A) graduating, and (B) making this brilliant blog! If you keep it up, I think updating us on your banjo skills through their gestation would be fascinating. Also: I’ve been dying to take it up, so it’d really hearten my resolve. Thanks for all the great reads this year. Oh, and for tolerating me as a presentation partner.

    • Thanks! And likewise. I know you said in class you’re not planning to do more childhood stories, but they kindof rocked. Once we’re both banjo master we can have a duel.

  3. I love this post! I hope you dont end up getting a D in your dance class. Wait how is that possible, did you even go?

    • I did get a D already. I went to all but 3 classes. There was just a bunch of silly little writing assingments I didn’t do lol

  4. Let me just say that I believe life post-graduation is WAY better than life in college. Sure, I’m a little biased because I took a windy road, but in the 5 months I’ve had, life has been awesome. I admire your list of goals and hope you stick to them. As you read in my blog, I try to be involved in as many activities as possible, and I think I’ve done a lot in the past few months. This is a wonderful time in your life, Miss Ezra. Take advantage. Soak it up. Most of all – ENJOY!!

    P.S. Can we do Novel November together??? PLEASE?!?!?!

    • Yes! I thought we already agreed to do NaNoWriMo together! We can keep each other accountable. Which reminds me, I still have to reply to your text from this morning….gonna do that now lol

  5. Ooh I admire you for number four! I’ve always wanted to read every day (I mean more than FB statuses and celebrity gossip columns)…I have a steadily increasing book list to tackle, hopefully this will be the summer I start crossing some things off!

    • Same here! I have bought so many books at used book stores over the last few years. I’m dying to ingest them all.

  6. I’d recommend for learning computery stuff. You have to pay to watch the videos but you can access the transcripts for free on basically any software you’d want to learn.

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