La la la If I Only Had A…..Level 80 Warlock

Greetings simple humans. This weekend, I, a person to whom science fiction appreciation stops at Orwell (and maybe C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy if I’m feeling reallllyyyy out there), attended a rather marvelous birthday bash called “TerryCon International 2012” celebrating the 50th of a member of my church. We at Trinity Community Church have what I consider a fantabulous sense of humor. Someone decided to throw Terry a surprise sci-fi costume cookout complete with bouncy house for the young’uns and a giant outdoor movie screen on which we could watch, what else, the first, original Starwars (the one where Harrison Ford give the audience that one look that makes you despair of ever feeling love for any other man in this star system).

I personally have no knowledge of Star Trek except for what I learned from the recent movie (I learned that Spock is super hot, and that I am attracted to the idea of a creature that prizes reason above flimsy emotions). None the less, after taking stock of my wardrobe and the Spock ears I have owned for several years for a reason totally unbeknownst to me, I decided my path must be a Trekky one. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to a rare glimpse of Ezra as a nerd (to be distinguished from an eccentric or a classically weird person) :

Live Long and Prosper


5 thoughts on “La la la If I Only Had A…..Level 80 Warlock

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  2. Haha, Spock, is my favorite character, ever since Leonard Nimoy played him back then, where did you get the spock ears, I’ve been looking for them, did you buy them at a store?

  3. A lock?? Really?? But a rogue could just stunlock you to death with ambush/vanish/eviscerate… errr bugger, I just flashed a totally inappropriate amount of nerd cleavage right there… What I meant to say was… Level 80 Warlock?? What is this thing that you speak of??? Yup… smoooooooth 😛

    • Nerd cleavage. Ahahahahahahahhhhhahahahah First thing I saw this morning when I woke up and checked my phone was this comment. Thank you for that. I’m officially including this word in my list of words not quite in the dictionary.

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