An Honest Shopping List

I wouldn’t call myself a habitual risk-taker, but that doesn’t mean I don’t live life on the edge sometimes. Several days ago, I pulled my last roll of toilet paper out of the storage closet that has a hidden door which could also be used to store dead bodies if I was a gangster or a serial killer but I’m not so don’t worry. A careful person would have bought toilet paper as soon as possible. Not I. I’ve waited. Watching the roll become smaller and smaller…and smaller. Knowing that if I miscalculate, I could end up alone in my home…..without toilet paper. The hour is nigh. I sense it. This game of brinkmanship is the final inning.



Yes, I’m a risk taker sometimes, but I don’t want to anyone to get the wrong idea, so I should probably mention that the real reason I haven’t restocked my dead body utility closet with toilet paper is because I’m such a spacey young gal and I can never remember important things like that until I’m home. I’ll probably just steal a roll or two from work tomorrow.


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