About Ezra

Hello I am Ezra. I am a part of “a peculiar people.” I follow my own weirdness. I spent several years of my childhood in Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, but I’ve never lived anywhere in the U.S. besides P.G. County, MD. I am, among other things, a full-time amateur philosophizer, a writer, a reader, and a Middle Eastern cuisine eater. I like to talk as if I’m writing, take long walks in the woods,  visit art galleries, and experiment with cliches. In my opinion, Washington, D.C. is the greatest city in America. You can disagree, but you’re wrong. I also enjoy mismatched socks, large noses, and the novels of Charlotte Brontë.

I’m currently living in Reykjavik, Iceland. If you want to know why or read more about my adventures in the far north, visit my other blog: An American in Iceland.

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7 thoughts on “About Ezra

  1. Hi Ezra! Are you Hanna too?:-) If you so, thank you for the lovely mentioning you did of my humble person! 🙂 All the best! Your blog is super! – R.

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