The Difference Between Spilling Coffee and Spilling Tea

You may well be surprised to hear
about the difference between spilling tea
and the parallel but oh so different act
of misplacing your daily cup o’ joe.

Coffee spills are the forte of drowsy
morning hands-
as if it wasn’t already hard enough
to crawl into the on-rushing day.

Perhaps you were distracted, my dear
by a bad dream
or a friend rather far away,
and were hoping to sharpen slowly-
slide by difficult thoughts unnoticed.

Either way, that precise moment
when you spill your hot coffee-
the cup made with the last scoop
in the jar- that is when
you will decide the color of the day.

Of course, tragedies like this are subjective,
and the interpretation of this
mug tumbling will be your own,
whatever shade you light upon
while sipping the drops that survived
that day break fall.

But spilling tea…
well frankly, it’s just not that big
of a deal.

In the evening, or rather the
late afternoon when
the last of the sun leaks in
through the kitchen window-
too soft to disturb
the chill in the air- the window is open.
Only your hands are warm-
cupped around something herbal.

Studies show that ninety-nine percent of the time
the ginger tea spill was a direct result
of the fact that
your eyes were fixed on the friend
sitting rather close by,

and if my facts are straight,
they made you laugh a whole body laugh,
which naturally (as is natural) upset the teacup,
and quite a bit spilled into your lap.

In this case, you were, perhaps,
so preoccupied with this person
that the ginger tea had grown cold.
And so you laughed
and laid your hand on theirs
before rising to quickly whisk away
the mess.